Tantra is an ancestral spirituality originally from India involving the person in its entirety, including its carnal envelope. Unlike the other great spiritualities which focus mainly around the mind or the soul, in Tantra also the body is part of it. The incarnation is the channel to deeply reconnect with our true self and beyond with the universe.
Instead of denying it, repressing it or making it a taboo, this sacred body, blessed gift of nature, will be heard, welcomed in all its aspects and with all its energies.


Who am I?

My approach, my way.

I have been a professional masseur for 15 years and at first it’s for a personal process that I came to learn more about Tantra.
Having followed meditation courses and studied Tibetan Buddhism during three years, which brought me a lot, I realized that this focus on the mind and soul was detaching me from my body; I felt like I was cut off from an essential part of myself.

As a consequence I got interested in Tantra, which I started to discover in books and articles and a number of courses. (Up till now some twelve courses of 4  days). I discovered this magnificent spirituality, which allowed me to be much more in sync with myself and to integrate all my components without denying any part of myself. The body is holy, Devine, it is our incarnation and it’s through it that we connect to the universe.

It is not until the end of 2 year of practice that I started to propose this specific approach to certain of my clients of whom I felt that they had a special need or an affinity with it. With time passing I had many costumers, each with their own history, specific needs, their blockages, their own longing; all intense and magnificent discoveries that is deploying endlessly.
Each session is unique and can develop into thousand different ways pending on what the body and its’ essence need to express or what is ready to express.

I continue to participate in courses for my personal quest but also to increase my knowledge and have a panel as large as possible to respond to any specific need of everybody.



The Tantric massage

The Tantric massage aims to (re)connect to the body , emotions, energies, essence. Permitting expression and awakening, restoring over blockages, the unspoken or injuries.

Massages are meant for men, women or couples. We reconnect and take care of the inner self, so there’s  no restriction except being of age.

Duration: 1.5 hrs – Cost: 150€ (120€ when it is part of regular sessions)

The session includes a massage but also the various interactions, exercises or rituals to support this process.


Tantra Workshops

Every workshop is different and there is no specific order or level. With different themes and different approaches, the objective is a healthy and direct reconnection with your very self, your body, your emotions, your truth and at the same token a reconnection with the other. Offering a free and safe space to get beyond habits, conventions and sclerotic patterns.

Respect is the keyword, therefor the participants are rigorously selected, the framework well defined and I’m personally looking after it. Please contact me to receive the newsletter proposing the workshops.

Duration : 3h30 – Participation fee 40€ per workgroup.

The number of participants is limited to 6 or 8 persons maximum, which makes a reservation on rather short notice necessary.

To not miss any workshops,

Workshop Agenda

Please check the French part or contact me to have the latest informations about the workshops. 



Are we talking about a sexual massage?

No, the Tantric massage is not a sexual massage; it is a massage of the whole body and being, which may include the sexual areas but the orientation allows to integrate and transcend the sexual energies and to go beyond it.


For the pleasure to reunify, to reconnect yourself and to be full again.

Are we nude for this massage?

The target is to integrate your whole being, without reserve or pretense.
To take care of the essence itself without neglecting or boycotting any area. The whole body is beautiful and the whole body deserves attention and care.


The masseur is also nude for equity reasons and for a real and honest connection.

Why is the price so high?

The involvement of the masseur is very strong in Tantric massages! Physically as well as emotionally speaking. Contrary to other massages, where there is a certain distance as well as different filters, in this case the interaction is maximum.


The impact on the energies is huge and very demanding, which limits the number of massages and requires a lot of preparatory work as well as time to recuperate.

Is the process always the same?

No. Although there are a number of established protocols as well as positions and various possible physical contacts, it’s the difference in rather subtle reactions of the body and the energies involved at that moment that determines the direction to take. I do kashmiri tantric massage (red Tantra) but also white Tantra and even energetic cares; practices and knowledge to draw from. Every session is a new experience linked with what the person is at that specific moment and what he or she needs/wants to express, feel or integrate.

Is this kind of massages meant for heterosexuals? Homosexuals? For women or men?

It applies to all! The focus and care is on the whole human being full and rich, in all its diversity, its inclination and her or his preferences. The objective is to reconnect oneself beyond all kind of considerations, to receive all masculine and feminine aspects of its being; to reestablish its unity.

Why is there neither address nor a land line telephone number available?

The particular process of Tantra is very often diverted to ridicule or to caricature.  Its image being distorted many people feel uncomfortable or reluctant or have a negative opinion without knowing what it really is. It is for this reason that I have separated my Tantra proposals from my other professional activities. Also, I want to communicate with every person directly in order to verify that the their intends are in line with my proposals.





    I can receive you 15 minutes from Nice in a suitable pleasant and safe environment.
    I also could come to visit you, which means a surcharge of 30€ in Nice, other destination please consult me.
    I am available from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 19.00 hrs. An evening appointment is also be possible with a surcharge applied.